to. dear angeline

Halo, pecinta Minion!

You used to be so quiet and distant in our first year of high school, plus waktu itu kamu hanya bergaul bersama *sigh* someone you used to…love (i guess). Tapi lama-lama kamu mulai terbuka dan…really gurl, i can not say how grateful i am to know that we’re in the same group for evey presentation things! You working hard to be able to present your materi well is one of some reasons why. Rasanya tuh ya, liat kamu usaha segitu kerasnya aja udah bangga banget aku. Kamu tuh bener-bener hundred persent sweet heart♥

Um, kalau ada satu hal yang harus kamu ubah kalo kata aku sih, you being too kind. Jangan takut buat bilang engga, Ngel u,u I used to be like you, but yah, pleasing everybody is bloody hard! It’s okay to reject things you don’t fancy doing, karena semua orang pasti pernah ngerasa gitu dan yah, mau engga mau pasti berusaha ngerti. Also, it is important to make people learn to respect others’ opinion.

Let’s walk on the flowery path only!

Ps. Thank you for noticing J-Hope’s dance skill! :3


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