What does UHT stands for?
UHT stands for Ultra High Temprature

Where can we find UHT things?
You can find the writing UHT on milk’s cartoon, or maybe bottled tea. Basically everywhere on anything that are drinkable and edible.

What does UHT exactly means? How does it works?
UHT is a procedure to maintain a product’s quality. As example, milk. We find the UHT a lot on milk’s packaging, right? Fresh milk, which is directly taken from the cow -please forgive my diction, it’s really hard to write in full english :””) i hope you guys can fully understand- will be collected on a container, and then the milk will get through ultra high temprature (really super high, if i’m not mistaken, it’s above 190 degree? idk, go search for it, HAHA) procedure to kill the bacteria while keeping the goodness inside the milk to stay (the protein and things like how it normally smells, the taste, yeah, things like that). The heating proccess will only last for a couple seconds if i’m not mistaken.

Why do we need the UHT things going?
So we can drink “fresh” milk without having to worry about the bacteria(s), so that we can stay healthy even after consuming tea that had been brewed for like days, so that we can consume anything “freshly” without affecting our health.

Do you guys feel like you learned something today from me? Do i kinda help you to understand things a bit? Don’t ask me things like “how to understand his mind?” because i…haven’t learned about human properly :”) I can’t even get the guy i like… (he’s busy ofc, that’s why) so how can i possibly give an answer to that question. Please bear with my diction and grammar and the technical things… It is super hard to write formal(ish) like this, i’m much better in the informal things (formal is boring and… awkward for me /making excuse/) and my vocabulary isn’t that… rich ;-; forgive me.

Look forward for the regular update tomorrow! Love you guys a lot!

-i wrote this based on my memory, so it is reccommended that you guys search for further info on search engine available. also inform me if i wrote wrongly! i highly appreciate that :)))


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