reminiscent of us

read slowly
let the music plays

From the first time i met you, i knew you’d bring me to something new. I wasn’t really sure at the time, I just knew you would. We shaked hands and smiled. I remember how warm your hand was that time. Too warm to be forgotten.

Our first date was at the amusement park. That night, under the dark sky full of stars. We kissed for the first time. I wished the time would stop for us.

It’s been two years since our day one. It’s been three months of me without knowing how are you doing. Are you doing just fine? Or do you miss and long for us to meet too? Have you tried to contact me, just like how i spend my nights? Have you seen me in your dream? Because they said that if some one appears in our dream, that means we’ve been linger in their mind all day. You’ve appeared for like thousands times in my dream. Because i alway think about you.

Our fifth date was at the night fair in our neighbourhood. It was so crowded that you held my hand tightly. You said you were scared that you will lose me. I laughed at the time, because that thought of yours was funny, i thought. Never knew that some day, i will be the one who experience the loss.

I thought the new thing you brought for me was something they called love. I thought the changes you will make will bring me only happiness. I thought time was good enough to bring you to me. I thought we will be together forever. Now i realised just how stupid i am to have that foolish thoughts.

Because the new thing you bring for me is called heart break.



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