Why can’t i be me?

Header note: We humans need more time to know each other better than wasting time to fight and having conflict. -E

I may look like someone who talk trash or unimportant things a lot at the outside, but i’m actually really soft and fragile inside. I actually don’t care what you may think about that statement, but that is the real me.

I’m loud, i laugh unprettily, and that’s how i’ve been living since my childhood. The way i speak and voice out my mind tends to offend people. I do feel sorry, but each time i try to change, it just doesn’t work. I used to wonder why. And after some times, i started to realize why.

It’s because that is how i am. That is part of me.

I may sound rude when i talk, but what i actually mean is to give an advice. I may speak harshly to your ear, but what i wanted was just to help you. It’s frustrating that whenever i speak, people tend to take it wrongly. Why can’t people just think positively.

“Well, that’s how i am, so what?”

I’m not trying to change you, because as what my home room teacher said, ‘nobody can change you except yourself’. I’m just being myself too! Why can’t i use my freedom to talk? Why can’t i speak out my opinion?

Why can’t i be me?

This is how i am. I speak harsh, i’m loud, i’m lady unlike. But i have a heart, just like everybody. I also can feel pain, just like everybody else. I do feel bad when others are hurt by my words, just like how normal people are.

So why can’t i be me and enjoy my life while learning to be better without losing my real personality?

from. Eigengrau

1 September 2016

"There are those people who like runny egg, some like their egg fried, some even love raw one. 
And what they eat are still called egg." - my kind of analogy (lol)

ps. if you guys interested to send your story and get published here unanimously, send me your story via email: it is okay even if it’s not in english or contains only like 50 words what-so-ever 🙂 all you need to do is only send them and i’ll take over the rest~~ your sadness, your anger, your happines, etc. is okayy! i’ll be waiting xD


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